** Back to School Night on September 15th 
from 6p -8p at Vinci Park Elementary**
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Your Child is the Future - Be a Part of the Future!
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Membership Flyer:

So why get involved in The Vinci Park Elementary School PTA? Why become a member? What does your Child get out of your membership? What do you as a Parent get out of being a member? Why get involved? Good question! Here's just a few ways that being a member of the Vinci Park PTA helps you and your Child:

  • The Vinci Park PTA is your gateway towards a better tomorrow. Bold words, but could anything be more true. By being a part of the PTA you show your child that their education matters and that they matter.
  • At the PTA meetings you get up to date information on what's happening at Vinci Park and you can make your voice heard
  • By being a member of the Vinci Park PTA you can vote on the direction the PTA takes
  • The Vinci Park PTA directly funds Classroom Supplies that benefit your Child's education
  • The Vinci Park PTA funds Assemblies that provide opportunities for extended learning
  • Along with those listed above the Vinci Park PTA also provide each Teacher with direct funding for Field Trips.
  • Finally, Funding is provided for other areas of the School. The Lunch Time Umbrellas were purchased with funds from the Vinci Park PTA
  • Also, the Fundraisers put on by the PTA provide opportunities for your Child to see your volunteering. This shows them that you care about their School

Your involvement is critical for the future of the Vinci Park PTA! Without our members and parent volunteers none of the great things that come from the PTA could happen. No one person can do it alone. Be a part of the Vinci Park PTA and be a part of your Child's future!

If you'd like to volunteer then click on the 'Forms' box above and fill out the Form and click send. someone will be in contact with you.

Thank You,

From your Vinci Park PTA

** Next PTA ** Sept 29th, 2017 at 7AM

**Join us for our first monthly PTA meeting in the Staff Lounge**

Upcoming Events:

April 29 - Family Fun Night!

May 3rd - Voting for next year's officers at the May PTA meeting


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